I usually get loads of questions about products, deliveries, and where to find them. Have a look below and see if your question is there, if not, reach out and I'll be happy to help!


Do you deliver? and if so, where?

Yes, deliveries all around Edinburgh and any of the products on the website are available. If you live outside the City of Edinburgh limit, you can still buy some of the products on the website and get them delivered to your door.  Currently, deliveries are in UK, Ireland, Spain, France, Italy and Germany.


How long does an order take to arrive?

It depends! If you are in Edinburgh, date and time can be scheduled and delivered at a requested time slot. If you are in UK, it will depend on the delivery company used. I do try my best to deliver on the day requested, but I cannot guarantee this as it's not within my control. So please ensure you place your order with at least an extra day of the day you will require it. 

Which days of the week do you deliver?

If you are in Edinburgh, it's 7 days a week between 9am and 7pm. If you live outside this limit, please be aware that deliveries are made between Mondays and Saturdays if with the Post Office or Monday through Friday if with courier.

There are NO deliveries on a Sunday. 

Which company do you use for deliveries?

For deliveries outside City of Edinburgh, it's usually the Post Office (under 2 kilos) or couriers if over that weight.

Which of your products can I purchase if I live outside the limits of City of Edinburgh?

  • Medialunas de manteca (no filling)

  • Cañoncitos de dulce de leche

  • Arrollado de dulce de leche 

  • Alfajores de maicena

  • Alfajores de chocolate

  • Conitos de chocolate

  • Barritas de coco

How much does the delivery cost?

You will see the cost of each delivery at the checkout screen.

How long can I keep your products?

For best freshness and quality, no longer than 48 hours, however, they will still be fine a couple of days after that.

Can I freeze any of your products?

Yes, you can! And up to 3 weeks from the day you receive them.

How can I pay for your products? 

You can pay by debit card or credit card, this service is provided by Stripe, so your details are safele protected.

Do you have any vegetarian, vegan or gluten free products?

Yes! every product you see is vegetarian or has a vegetarian option. If a product is vegan or gluten free, it will be marked individually.

How do you manage allergens?

My kitchen manages all types of allergens, so if in doubt, please reach out and I'll be happy to assist.

Where can I buy your products if I'm out and about?

You can find some of my products in the following outlets:

  • Fortuna Coffee | 77 Queen St, New Town

  • Coffee Tepuy | 2 Crighton Pl, Leith

  • Orinoco Latin Food | 228 Leith St, Leith 

  • The Pantry | 1 N. W. Circus Pl, Stockbridge

  • Dovecot Studios | 10 Infirmary St, Old Town

  • Finn & Bear | 58 The Shore, The Shore

How much time in advance do I need to place my order? 

Ideally 24 hours ahead, if you are ordering outside the City of Edinburgh, your order will need to be placed at least 72 hours ahead. 

Do you have a minimum order value?

Yes, the minimum order value is indicated as soon as you start shopping.